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I am unable to run Nvidia VGA driver in my HP dv 5287ea for windows 7 , It goes blank after restart and then I have to shut the laptop directly through the button , after the restart it gives me an option to launch start up repair and only after that I get access to windows but with updated driver install .. I have clean install windows 7 twice but still no differece ,
plus windows gets stuck at any point in time

Please note that while it is stuck , the capslock light do blinks off and on when the button is pressed
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  1. Whats your OS? x64 bit or x32 bit?
  2. it is X32 bit
  3. yes thats the one
  4. Did t worked before or this is upgrade and it wont work at all?
  5. yes it was working perfectly fine previously on vista , and also on windows 7 when i installed it earlier , But due to that hanging problem I had to reinstall the windows and after that reinstall it is giving me this error . I upgraded the RAM to 2 GB recently
  6. when the driver is installed in the compatibility mode , It is installed succesfully but when the laptop gets restarted after the install it gets stuck at the startup page
  7. Any error code?
  8. Try different OS in the compatibility mode.
  9. No error code the cursor stops moving
  10. Try different OS in the compatibility mode and make sure that nothing is connected to the laptop, only charger and make sure he battery is charged.
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