which one more better between asus z68x v pro or gigabyte z68x ud3p b3?

help me please, setup a new pc for architecture and gaming.

is it ok with my spec:

cpu: intel i5 2500 3.3ghz
mobo: gigabyte z68x ud3p b3
ram: team elite 4g 1333
graphic card: gigabyte gtx560 256bit
psu: c.m gx 650w
hdd: w.d 1tb 64
dvd: sony 24x

thank you.
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  1. Is Your Processor The K Version? i mean, i5-2500K or Just i5-2500! Because only the K Version Overclocks!

    Edit: Now i would go for The Asus Board! ( Just Noticed It Was The PRO Version )
  2. nope, just i5 2500 only..

    what brand would you recommend for me?

    i'm still thinking either asus or gigabyte product..
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    You should have got the K version if u wanted to overclock! Your choice really!

    Anyways, i would prefer the Asus Board! Sorry, I just didnt notice that you meant the PRO version of that board!
    ASUS P8Z68-V PRO > GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3!
  4. Oh, ok..thanks a lot.

    So, you prefer more to Asus product then gigabyte.

    I've think, i should change my new spec for new cpu based on your suggestion.

    Processor: Intel Core I5 2500k
    Mobo: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO
    Ram: Team Elite 4G 1333
    Graphic Card: ASUS GTX560 DCII OC DDR5 1GB 256BIT
    Psu: C.M GX 650W
    Hdd: W.D 1TB 64MB
    Dvd: Sony 24x

    Is it ok?

    Once thing, any problem or feedback for all this hardware?
  5. yeah that ud3 has some issues...

    the only thing id change is a corsair psu.....

    and perhaps add a 40gig ssd to take advantage of isrt.....
  6. That Is A Nice Rig! And Yeah, You Can Add An SSD If You Have The Money! But Not Neccessary!

    And That is not a corsair PSU, Its A Cooler Master GX 650W, Which Is 80 Plus Gold Certified! Its One Heck Of A PSU!
  7. Orait.. So i just stick with this spec for now.

    I hope, if anything a bad news of all this hardware, just tell me..

    What kind of issues ud3?
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  9. I like Asus Z68 motherboards for the fact that even the basic V is sufficient and all inclusive, while Gigabyte you need a UD4 minimum to reap any performance.

    I hazard to think that Intel missed a trick by not making all SB overclockable. If you buy the 2500K I must say, buy big, the bottlenecking with a GTX 560 is ridiculous. A high end processor requires only high end components, if you don't OC, save bucks on a 2400 rather, it is more the equal of the 2500k in gaming scenarios.
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