24 pin motherboard to 20 pin ATX power connector

i have a this motherboard


you can check the link for the specification and my problem is that i have a 20 pin power supply and because the motherboard requires a 24 pin ATX power connector might i be able to use this ADAPTER

and i will be having a dedicated graphics card, please visit the link for the detail because its too much to put on


so will i be able to use the adapter and not damage my graphic card or the motherboard?

thank you
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  1. I used my old 24 pin board with the 20 pin connector off the power supply. It came this way from hp, so I know it won't harm anything. The e5700 doesn't require the extra 4 pins, so I would save some money and just use the 20 pin off your old ps. It only fits one way; just line up the clip on the correct side; it will slide in easy; don't force it.
  2. You won't need an adapter, Your 20pin psu will work with the 24pin mobo. You will just have 4 empty spots on your motherboard. It will be fine.
    If you notice all that adapter does is leave 4 empty pins in it lol, so it is absolutly useless, its more like an extension than an adapter
  3. but i checked load of early posts before i posted this it said that if i am planing to use a dedicated graphics card it would damage the motherboard and would anything like that happen because i will be using a PCi E slot.
  4. Hi thanks for all your replies but i just checked my power supply at it says 3.3V and 5V on it and i dont know if it will work because on the item link it says 12V

  5. Your link says nothing about any powersupply. Need to know what powersupply you have to give you specs. But if its an atx powersupply and it has a 20pin connector that will plug into the motherboard and it has at least 200w of power. IT WILL WORK with that motherboard, cpu, and video card that you linked. If its not an atx psu, or doesnt have a 20 or 24 pin plug, or isnt at least 200w it probably wont work.
  6. That video card isnt going to pull enough juice to damage your motherboard.
  7. how do i connect the 20 plug to 24 plug on mother board? can you give me introductions please
  8. leave the bottom 4 pins empty. The power supply connector will have a plastic clip, the mother board will have a little ramp to catch the clip, it will be off center, make sure when you plug it in the clip on the plug from the power supply latches on the bump on the motherboard connector. It will only fit one way. You will have 4 empty pins on one side of the motherboards connection. If you every put a bigger/ different video card you will need to upgrade your power supply. The only reason this will work is because your video card doesnt pull much juice.
  9. so is it ok to have 20 pin motherboard instead of a 24 pin because i will be playing mw3 and battlefield 3 games?
  10. Now your saying 20 pin motherboard and your confusing. I thought the motherboard was 24 pin and the psu was 20 pin? and the pins matter in games because they will allow you more power to support a more powerful video card that will play your games better. A 5450 isn't much more powerful than integrated graphics so in your situation will be fine, but it isnt going to play mw3 and bf3 really well. If you play at low resolution and lower details it should be playable though, and both of those games rely on the cpu a lot so a good cpu helps with those also.
  11. sorry i meant the cable that i got thats coming from the power supply to the motherboard and what is a good graphic card that is under £25 (sorry if this is off topic because i want to make sure i can play battlefield 3)
  12. And what should i change to be able to play battlefield 3 on high settings eg: graphic card, power supply
  13. Video card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102985
    Power supply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139027

    Be sure to save enough to buy both at the same time. Until then, the 5450 will work fine; may not run on high settings, but it will work with your 20 pin ps.
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