Two video card Test

Hi! :hello:

Is there someone around that could test a little something for me?
There a setup that I need to know if it is working before, I drop some money for nothing. :pt1cable:

I'll like someone to test this:
With two video card, from two different Chipset brand, like nVidia and ATI.
I'll like to know if the Card driver control panel would let me Rotate each screen individually in the Clone view. one screen at 180 degres and the other at 0 degres

The Clone mode is important here.

I'll pays a beer (or a Pepsi) for that :)

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  1. Anyone?
  2. -= For the record =-

    I've finally bought what needed to test it and ..
    No .... I could not even clone the display with two video card from two different Brand

    In my case it was a nVidia 8400GS and a ATI Diamond PCI 2400Pro.

    One last thing need to be tested

    DualHead2Go from Matrox
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