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Mixing and matching motherboard components

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I wanted to verify. Is there any problem or decrease in performance if I mix and match parts on my motherboard. Specifically I'm thinking about the motherboard and GPU (i.e. getting an ASUS motherboard and an MSI GPU, for example). I'm sure it would work fine but I wasn't sure if it was recommended to keep those two brands the same.

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    no youre fine
    computer parts have standards meaning if you have a motherboard having a pcie slot you can fit any card on a market that has a pcie slot

    brands represent different companies making components within the same specifications (for example make sure if you get a lga 1155 processor to match it with a lga 1155 socket from any manufacturer just not a lga 1156, or 2011)
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  3. Excellent thank you!
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