Two 5770 vs one 5870

Which is the most preferrable configuration one(1) XFX 5870 or two(2) XFX 5770. I have a ati xfx 5770 in my 3gig dual core system with 4gigs of ddr2 memory. Would it be better to crossfire a second 5770 or upgrade to the 5870.
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  1. Personally go for a second 5770, if it was between buying 2 5770s and a 5870 then I would have said go with the 5770.
    You could try and sell your 5770, make 60-80$ while getting a 5870.
  2. I prefer the second option personally, Upgrade to the better single card and sell th e5770 to of set the cost.

    Mactronix :)
  3. I prefer to use a single powerful card over two "linked" cards. Therefore, I would go with the HD 5870. However, that is the more expensive option; a new HD 5770 can be bought for $100 - $110 after rebates.
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    CF 5770s are actually between 5850 and 5870 performance, and CF can sometimes have issues. So, IMO the 5870 is a much safer and faster way to go.
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