"Embedded Options Available" what does it mean in a processor????

"Embedded Options Available" what does it mean in a processor????
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  1. Hello Sukhen Sen;

    Think of a computer built into a machine tool, a vehicle or a home appliance.
    It's not a 'stand alone' computer but part of a larger device or system. That is what a CPU is suitable for embedded operations could be used for.

    WikiPedia does a good job explaining embedded systems.
  2. Provide more context as in where did you see it.

    An embedded processor is usually something like an Atom CPU where its not in a socket, its soldered to the board.
  3. i know this thread is old but i want to know the answer and none of the replies seems to be talking of what the person asked.
    He reffered to the "Embedded Options Available" you can see on this link of CPU features.,53426,53492
  4. The already answered the question and explained that it means by "Embedded Options Available".
  5. I this is a pretty much dead thread but it's been bothering me. I see alot of sites giving the same or incomplete answers. Or wrong. I've ordered a i5 520m mobo to replace the i540m that I've have. they are pretty much evenly matched to the "T". I just want too see the true embedded options are in the CPU. The so called"fixed"CPU is soldered to board known as "integrated or hard fixed" to the MOBO. I'll post my findings soon as it's put into my machine. Which is a Dell E4310 I built. See you soon guy's. Onizine13.
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