XFX Pro 550 or Antec Earthwatts 380

I'm new to building, putting together a budget computer. This machine will mostly be for work and Internet, some casual basic video editing and multimedia. Probably not much gaming, although I plan to put a lower end graphics card in there eventually and make it into a part-time HTPC.

Power Supply Calculator recommended 300W for my budget build.

I've done a bunch of research, and narrowed it down to these two PSUs. Both are around the same price if rebates/pricematches go through:

XFX Core Edition PRO550W

Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D

I was leaning toward the XFX with its 5 year warranty and heavier build, but the thing is I'm using this matx case:

The XFX has a lot of cables that apparently don't have much flex and was wondering if it would get too crammed in there? Would the Antec 380W be able to handle a low to mid-range video card once I add one in? And anyone know how the customer support for these companies? Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I see that case comes with a 300W PSU. If you are already using it with your build then the Antec 380 will surely be enough. The XFX unit is powerful enough to handle almost any single video card rig. So for a low end video card setup, the Antec 380 will surely be enough.
  2. I would go with the XFX as its a PSU that will cater for any future PC system upgrades as well as those of present.
  3. You failed to mention what cpu you have, so hard to really answer your question. I use the 380 and I have a HD5850, which is quite a power hog, but I have a very low power motherboard and cpu.

    I don't understand why those are your only 2 choices.

    The 380w Antec is on sale all the time for like $30.
  4. Someone said amazon has it for that price.

    The XFX unit has a lot more power. They aren't the same price, even after rebate. Between only those units however I'd still take the XFX unit.
  5. Thanks for the input everyone! Geekapproved: I'm using an AMD X3 450.

    BTW, I've decided on the XFX after realizing I may be able to pricematch it even further. Plus, I think something's already wrong with this stock 300w psu so hopefully this 550 will fix it. It's probably going to be really crammed, but I'll figure something out. :)

    Edit: Oh, and I'm in Canada where they're both around $40 after rebate or pricematch.
  6. You wont regret buying the XFX unit, all mine have served me well for years and continue to do so.
  7. ^ :) Makes it sound like they've been around forever instead of just over 2 years.
    Having Seasonic built units running for 5-7 years I don't doubt that the XFX will be long lived, just found that funny
  8. I thought the same thing. First review I found for them was in Oct 2009. Not sure "years" applies. Still a good unit.
  9. Sorry, but at the rate of PC technological Advancement, 2 years to me feels along time, especially as ive had one 650w xfx unit in 4 different systems.
  10. 2 years in computer time is a long time. When you say years however people normally think of many. (even though two is more then one so you could say years.) For example, my OS drive is a 7200.10 Seagate that I've been using for years. I bought it back in 2005. Or was it 2006? That is years.
  11. Hi, just a follow-up, I finally have the XFX at a steal . . assuming the rebate comes in, it's about $10 cheaper than Earthwatts 380D. I haven't installed it yet since my motherboard is in repairs, but just looking at it, the cables look HUGE, I'm not sure if it'll all fit in my semi-mATX case known for its lack of cable management.

    I may have to exchange it for the Earthwatts after all, there's also a modular OCZ on sale at the same price that may work better, BUT at this value, I'm going to try my best to make the XFX work. As long as I steer all the cables clear of the front of the CPU fan, I should be ok?

    The fan I wanted to put in the front of the case is sold out, so really hoping I can keep the inside cool until they're back in stock . .
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