Need motherboard suggestion for amd fx x8 8150

Hi all,

Im new to tomshardware community and i need motherboard suggestion for Amd fx x8 8150 cpu. My purpose with this pc will be cg programs (maya, 3ds max) and some new fps games. Im little bit confused in motherboard choice. I have 2 favourites now;



ASUS Crosshair V Formula AMD 990FX/SB950 AM3+ DDR3 2133MHz

But i am open to other suggestions. Can u please help me?
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  1. Check the board specs; if the ram speed has (overclocked) next to it, and you don't plan on overclocking, then get some cheaper 1600 ram. Same for the motherboard; I use biostar boards, and they give me fewer post issues with ram; they tend to run with any brand.
  2. Actually im planning an overclock, because the program i work with (3ds max) uses every single hertz of both ram and cpu when rendering. And of course rendering time depends on system sources. GIGABYTE 990FXA has oc ability and 2000 mhz, also cheaper than asus.(about 158$). But ASUS Crosshair V has 2133 mhz with oc which gonna cost me 299$. this 2 boards seems to have no big differance than mhz speed. My question is, if i prefer +133mhz asus, does it worth the difference in price?
    Apoligies im not very familiar to hardware terms and some of the functions they do.
    I Have max 300$ budget for mother board, but im really stuck about deciding which one to buy. I will be very glad for any suggestions.
  3. Anyone has a suggestion please?
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