Faulty Asus P8Z68-M Motherboard?

Hi, I encountered this annoying problem while trying to upgrade my gaming rig.

When I turn on the computer it seems to do a fake boot, as every fan start spinning and the all LEDs are normally lit, then it turns off and back on again. After this fake boot the system remains powered, all fans spinning, BUT nothing is showing on screen and computer peripherals are not responding (such as mouse light led is not blinking).

This is extremely frustrated, with this problem it is impossible to access the bios and install Windows 7.

I just upgraded CPU, Motherboard and RAM.

My gaming rig consists of:-

* Asus P8Z68-M Motherboard
* 2x4 GB G.Skill SNIPER DDR 1333 mhz RAM
* Intel i5 2500k processor
* Antec Neo HE 500W PSU
* ATI HIS Radeon HD 4870
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  1. shutdown...disconnect power...clear cmos to force recheck of all hardware on restart...check all connections to drives, video, peripheals..ie keyboard..mouse...check sata drive connectors and power...check optical drive power and sata...check and reseat video card and all ram...make sure all system fan headers...cpu fan...are connected if in use and connected properly.

    Make sure front panel connectors are installed correctly to connections on motherboard..ie power led +-, hdd activity +- sound and so on...

    Sounds like either a stick of ram isn't full seated...cpu isn't correctly seated or oriented...or you have accidentally hit a cable while upgrading and now the system has problems.

    Check ALL connections and reseat all components...make sure!!

    Should fix the issue unless the cpu IS bad OR a stick of ram IS bad or finally you have DOA motherboard!

    Good luck and post back if you find the culprit Please:)
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