Building a mid level gaming PC

Okay, things I want are



HAF 922 case

650watt PSU (corsair)

1tb HDD


Idk what I should get for the rest.
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. 900$
  3. Sorry I didn't get a monitor in there here is a cheap one at 109.99 with promo code EMCKEJK22 ends on 5/11 though:

    you could change the CPU and M/B to try and fit the monitor into the budget.

    And here is a cheap mouse/keyboard combo $19 (don't know if you need this):
  4. I plan to keep my ati 5770 I love it. I play games such as BulletStorm WoW and Falout 3- newvegas.
  5. You might look into the z68 chipset paired with an i5 2500k. I didn't realize you already had a graphics card, which is good because it will allow you to stay within your budget and still get the best parts for gaming.
  6. Is the ati 5770 still a good card if not i'll raise the budgest to 1000$ - 1200$
  7. If it does what you need it to than why replace it, you still have the option to crossfire the 5770 later if you need to. If you wanted to replace it the lowest I'd pick is the HD 6950 (it wouldn't be worth your time to buy anything lower than this). But again the way to go is the i5 2500k and 8Gb of ram since 4 seems to be the new minimum. You could stick with the corsair 650w you stated originally since it will have enough juice for dual 5770's.

    Be sure to post up what you end up picking
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