Mobo help please!!

Not sure what's wrong but my USB mouse and keyboard suddenly stopped workng. They both work in bios but quit once windows loads. Problem started after star craft 2 install. Thanks in advanced

Asus rampage 4 extreme
Asus gtx 560ti
32gb (8x4gb) gskill ddr3
Razer death adder mouse
Razer lycosa keyboard
Corsair h100
120 sandisk ssd
1st samsung spinpoint hdd
Cooler master haf x
Cooler master silent gold pro 1200w
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More about mobo please
  1. Check the device manager in windows control panel; conflicts will have a yellow or red mark next to the device driver. Try uninstalling one at a time, then reboot and let windows reinstall the driver.
  2. Done that, also checked bios and enabled and disable usb support neither worked, I've tried everything I can think of
  3. Ok I just booted from windows cd and clicked repair problems now they work for now lol we'll see
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