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My Saitek Cyborg keyboard seemed to boot fine with my PC this morning (the numlock light came on), but when I went to use the internet, no key strokes would register. I said to myself, "Ok, this is just a silly Windows/driver issue, so I'll just unplug and re-plug it in. It is a brand new keyboard after all." To my surprise, now the numlock light won't even come on!

I am unsure if the keyboard gets power or not because none of the keys register strokes! I tried to plug it into my laptop, but to no avail. The Saitek driver installing application says to "plug in the device", but it will not recognize it.

I would normally just say, "Damn, what a POS keyboard for the power to stop working already," and be done with it, but this just seems too odd since it seemed to get power at least once while the keys were still not registering... Any help here would be much appreciated, especially since it's not even worth the shipping to get the warranty... Thanks a lot...
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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the KB's driver.
  2. is it wireless or usb???

    if its wireless check the battery

    if usb.......try it in a different slot

    this is direct from their support site

    The easiest way to resolve the issue is to plug the device back into the original USB port that you had it working on. Alternatively, this fix should sort you out.

    With the keyboard plugged in (and not responding) go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager.

    You should see two entries for the keyboard accompanied by exclamation marks in the Human Interface section.

    Right click one of the entries and select Update Driver, then select browse my computer for driver software.

    Select 'Let me pick from a list...' From the list you are presented with, select either USB-Human Interface Device or HID-compliant device and click next. Repeat for the other entry and the computer should now see your keyboard as a basic USB keyboard. This will allow you to reinstall the Saitek driver for the board.
  3. Thanks guys... Tried those things, but Windows isn't even detecting the keyboard now... Guessing a wire is messed up, but I just don't see how that could happen overnight.. Perfect keyboard to worthless trash without even being touched.... =\
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