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Hey guys,

So I'm somewhat a novice to the whole compatibility area of computing. I was thinking about getting the following graphics card while it is still on sale, but I just wanted to make sure that it would be compatible with my motherboard. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Graphics Card:
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  1. It's completely compatible
  2. Ok thanks a lot for your help. :D
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    It works .... but I'd try and squeeze ya budget up to a 560 Ti

    If ya stay with the 460, Id grab this baby

    Same price but 10% faster (850 Mhz vs 780)
  4. ^ right I almost forgot the 560 Ti came out
    for the 560 Ti, the fastest factory overclocked gpus are the gigabyte, sparkle and asus
  5. Thanks a lot, ill check out the 560 Ti's
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