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I need a Full size Tower for high end gaming that will have the room for 2 6970s as well as have good airflow.
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  1. And your budget is ?
  2. Whatever
  3. I assume from your rather kurt response, that money is no object?
  4. I'm interested in a full size case, at price range less than $50, but is the best for cooling, with fans on top, bottom, everywhere! If you tell me spend more to get more then ok. But otherwise it's the same idea as wasting $100 on a 2600k.
  5. Antec 300 is the best you will get for that money, but the Antec 1200v3 is much better.
    Or a coolermaster 912, but the HAFX is much better.

    Personaly id save your cash and get either the Silverstone FT02 or RV03
  6. The Corsair 800 d would be my first choice of course. Not the wind tunnel the HAF series are but if your looking to go the water cooling route you couldn't go wrong. Room in the case to mount 240mm Rad.

    The Cooler master Haf 932 is a battle tested performer was on sale but still at a good price of $139.00

    The Cooler Master Haf-X enuf said. This thing is Beastly. Massive case, space, and cooling, but the indudtrial look of the Haf's just lost it's appeal with me.

    Last but not least are the Sivlerstone Series. I like the 90 degree rotated mother boards and the 3 bottom mounted 180mm fans . The Raven series has 2 I really like, the Rv02-ew and the Rv03


    And Traumadissater, Good luck finding a full tower for $50.00 and under and what do you mean by wasting $100.00 on a 2600K?
  7. Sorry for not fleshing that example out completely. I meant it is better to buy a 2500k at 200 than pay the premium of 300 for 2600k becuase of the minumal improvement in frames per second in gaming.
  8. Wow, nice suggestions, beautiful cases you picked out. I'm new to this, but it seems like I could find something under 100 that has:
    Full tower
    proper cooling with fans
    dust traps (sounds like people like those)
  9. A Mid tower that's as big as a full tower a little over what you want to spend at $124.99 after rebate but just check out the reviews and the video on youtube. This is the case I'm going to use for a 2nd build I have in mind. They have a windowed version that switches between window and mess. Very Nice.

  10. I have the HAFX and its a great full sized case with plently of room inside (i have 2 560 TIs and there is a lot of room to spare). Plus it has great cable management, and plenty of fans and the like. Kind of expensive but definately worth the money
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