Win XP bootup shows Admin but I don't know password

We have a donated tablet pc (Acer) that displays Win XP startup, with Admin as user name, then the password "box" but I don't know the password. I've tried Ctrl-Alt-Del, and even F8 to get to Safe Mode, and also F12 for setup but it always goes back to the same startup window. I can't even get to the Start/ Ctrl Panel to do any digging around. Therefore, I can't download any reset SW, nor does this tablet have an optical drive. Any suggestions?
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  1. arges86 said:

    This won't work; since the boot-up automatically goes to the Win XP admin and asks for password, there's no way to get to the desktop to select the USB. :-(
  2. try pressing [f2], [delete], or [ctrl+alt+esc] on reboot. its best to hold the key down as soon as the computer starts up so you dont miss it.
    one of these should hopefully get you into the bios.

    edit: Wouldnt it be nice if all the manufacturers used the same button?
  3. No, and my personal OS is Mac. I'm just trying to do this to see if it is worthwhile to not recycle this donation.
  4. i guess i wasn't clear, sorry
    you have to boot to that program. Restart the pc, and @ some point you should be able to either go into the BIOS, or select where to boot to. At that point, boot to the thumb drive/cd that has that installed
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