--=={{ Need Help! Will my old specs bottleneck a new graphics card?? }

I would greatly appreciate some expert advice regarding this issue from anyone who's highly knowledgeable on the subject. The latest games being released seem to stagger my current graphics card and build (GTA iv, BFBC2, CoDMW2, at lowest settings!). Ive been wanting to purchase a new graphics card but I feel hesitant when terms like "bottlenecking" ring in the back of my mind. Im not sure if my current hardware specs would greatly or just mildly hinder the full potential of a newly purchased graphics card so Im asking around for advice on the subject. My thanks in advance...

My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64X2 5200+ 2.7GHz
8Gb DDR2 (800) RAM @ 400MHz over 4 dimms
Veloci Raptor 10k rpm Seriel ATA HD (i know this part wont be a prob)
800 ish Power supply. I know thats important but ill deal with it if the need arises.but ill deal with that if the need arises.
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  1. it would be fine to upgrade to let say a 6850, or a gtx 460,

    and wouldnt be bottlekneck
  2. I would seriously look into a new CPU upgade before you get a graphics card.That old CPU will seriously hinder any higher grade GPU you put into it.I think the lowest graphics card you could put into it and not bottleneck it would be around a 5670 or 5750.

    Whats your budget in total?Not just for CPU and maybe we can make this work.

    Plz list full system specs.(CPU,power supply,resoultion,etc.)
  3. A Dual Core CPU at 2.7GHz wouldn't bottleneck something as high end as a GTX 460?
  4. It will Bottleneck a GTX460 and anything above it.
  5. For a dual core to be of use with a modern high end card it need to be well over 3ghz. For a tri and quad core still needs to be over 3ghz with good system i/o performance.
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