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I wanna upgrade my processor, my current one just isnt upto the task off gaming well, i mean i can run assassins creed, dragon age 2 etc etc... well, practically all games but not max settings which is what i want, anyways, the processor is a core 2 duo 6420 @2.13 ghz, the upgrade i want is thi basically, on the website i use, the processor i have atm is rated at a 3/10 and that one is a 7/10, ive yet to see a game require more than a 4 so i figure its a good investment, either way... my motherboard is a
Now, the website states that the processor is able to work with my motherboard, but my question is, is there anything else i will have to upgrade/change/rebuy by changing the processor?

other specs btw, ati radeon hd6770
550watt psu
4gb ram
windows 7
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  1. No, just replace the CPU.
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