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hello i am think off build a new computer i like to use ASUS Sabertooth X79.I think off make a water cooling system or is the H100 will just do. i found a Motherboard water Block cooler do you think it a good thing to do...i like to do overclocking my system..
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  1. Watercooling your Motherboard is insane...Pretty much you do it for the looks.
  2. i heared that the X79 power part gets hot so i thought it will help to cool the motherboard.
  3. Sure, you can do it if you wish, it porbably will yield better results, but not a drastic change. Besides, cooling on motherboard chipset looks really sweet :)
  4. I water block the VRM and Chipset and there's nothing 'insane' about it, most folks need to OC their rigs and look & feel the temps (see how long you can grab the VRM) ;)

    About the only overkill IMO is to block <1.6Xv RAM and on the X79 blocking the: CPU, VRM & Chipset, RAM gets a little 'busy'. I try to use solid (fittings) on the X79 wherever possible when using (CPU, VRM & Chipset) blocks.

    If the VRM gets too hot then they can induce CPU Throttle; i.e. CPU frequency goes down.

    You will gain some stability - go for it!
  5. My preference is ID: 10mm (3/8in); OD: 13mm (1/2in) ; better pressure and looks. I'm not a HAF X fan either. I agree with the remainder of the parts, but if you're going to water cool then IMO add the GPU(s). Further, I don't want to engage in a GPU debate, I assume you're looking into 3D Vision based upon the 120Hz monitor. The GTX 560 Ti 448 primary 'plus' is it doesn't limit you to 2-WAY SLI, but the GTX 500 lines require more cooling over the GTX 600 series and HD 7000 series.

    Good info on 3D Vision; as you selected make certain the monitor offers LightBoost -

    Problem - Koolance (I like Koolance) has a more limited selection for GPU Blocks vs EK's selection - Meaning,never 'assume' a generic GPU block will fit.

    Fans - Ryan did one of the best reviews I've seen -

    IF you plan to water block the GPUs then you'll need second exchanger.
  6. i am having a thought time trying to find the gpu cooler for i really like to get a fully block for it....i can find them for the 560ti but not for the 448 cores....
    oh i got the PSU i have the XFX 1000W PRO1000W Ltd Black Edition
  7. What GTX 560 Ti 448 do you have? I know EK makes full blocks for ASUS & EVGA.

    As far as the XFX PSU, I've seen some positive reviews. For 'me' I like Corsair, SeaSonic and Enermax. The Corsair AX and HX (extensions for 8/24/PCIe(2)) offers fully sleeved cabling -

    IF all you're doing is SB-E and 2-WAY you 'can' get by with an 850W e.g. AX850 and IF the plan is 3-WAY then the AX1200.
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