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Hello, I'm trying to use 2 monitors with an eMachine PC. I've installed a video card into the PCIex2 slot, and thought that I could use that, along with the onboard VGA port to get 2 monitor operation. Apparently not. I've tried enabling the onboard graphics in BIOS as the primary, restarting the computer with the new video card installed, and still, only one monitor works at a time. Do I just need to buy a dual monitor card instead, and forget the onboard port?
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  1. I am pretty sure whenever you install a video card, your on-board automatically shuts off! so that means you can only use the GPU you have installed. Yes, you just need to get a GPU which supports dual monitors!
  2. Does your onboard graphics have two display outputs? If so, you don't need a dedicated video card. Use the two onboard outputs. If not, does your video card have two display outputs? They almost always do. Use the two video card display outputs.
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