Geforce gtx 460 vs. radeon 5770


For an extra $100, I can bump up my purchase from a radeon 5770 to a geforce gtx 460 OR radeon 6850. In your opinions, is it worth it? I'm working on a budget...

Upgrading from a radeon 4670, btw. Also, I've heard that overclocking on the radeon 5770 has been really successful. This is one reason I'm leaning toward the bargain chip, along with the much lower cost.
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  1. Here is a comparison chart. Keep in mind that while the HD5770 is a good overclocker the GTX460 is a great overclocker. The 5770 overclocked=a stock GTX460 1GB. The GTX460 overclocked = a stock HD5850/GTX470.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    It's definitely worth it.Both GTX 460 and 6850 are notably faster than 5770
  3. $100 to upgrade a 5770 to a GTX460?

    Which GTX460?? There's GTX460 SE and GTX460 1gb and GTX460 768mb. The SE has 288 cores vs. 336 cores on the NON SE.

    If it's the GTX460 1GB (336 cores) which is the fastest of the three I mentioned above, they go for about $70-80 more on Newegg than the 5770. So if it's any of the cheaper models, it's definitely NOT worth $100.
  4. I see what you guys are saying... However, saving $100 with the budget I'm on is a really high priority for me. The reason I'm saving is because the company I'm buying through has a limited time offer free upgrade from 5670 to 5770, so there's a bonus in cost-effectiveness here. I would much rather try my hand at OCing (for the first time) with the 5770 if it will come out as good as a stock gtx 460.

    also, feel free to chime in on my build, let me know how what/how bad any bottleneck would be:

    upgrading from a:
    E8400 core2duo 3.0gHz
    3 gb RAM
    radeon 4670 512mb
    320GB HDD

    Here's the comp I'm set to buy, as soon as I click confirm:

    CPU: AMD Phenom™II X4 965 Black Edition Quad-Core
    FAN: XtremeGear Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan
    MEMORY: 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz
    MOTHERBOARD: GigaByte GA-870A-UD3 AMD 870/SB850
    POWERSUPPLY: 700 Watts
    VIDEO: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 (free upgrade from Radeon HD 5670)
    OS: Windows 7
    HDD: 1TB

    Cost including shipping is $825. Is it worth it, and do you have anything to add, any tips?? Should I try my hand at OCing? I noticed that you guys seem to have a helpful and comprehensive OC board...

    Quick Edit: just read your post, GeekApproved, thanks for the heads up. I was getting a little confused by the SE's and GTX's and such lol. Google is my frieeend.
  5. I think you would see a bigger performance increase by putting a better video card in your current rig. Not many games need a quad core and the e8400 is no slouch for gaming. e8400+gtx 560 is going to crap on a on phenom 965 with a 5770 and would cost you less money. I recently replaced an e8500 with a q9550 (comparable to the 965 in most benches) and I actually get slightly lower FPS in some games than I did with the e8500.

    If you do buy that rig you would definately want to try OCing, otherwise whats the point of getting one with liquid cooling?
  6. I plan on it, as long as you hold my hand, Benski...
  7. You can build a better system for $825.
    What "700W" power supply is in the one you're considering?
  8. I agree. E8400 is no slouch, overclock it and get a fat video card.

    I don't think $825 is worth it AT ALL. The E8400 overclocked to PII 965 speed or faster is going to throw the same FPS.

    I see no advantage to your upgrade.
  9. Onus said:
    You can build a better system for $825.
    What "700W" power supply is in the one you're considering?

    It's a pre-built, it's gonna be whatever brand they use. Cheap likely but they warranty the system, so it doesnt really matter.
  10. pwnttothemax said:
    I plan on it, as long as you hold my hand, Benski...

    There are some excellent guides stickied at the top of the overclocking forum that would do a much better job of holding your hand than I would ;)

    well, the consensus is that my new build isn't worth it. would anyone want make me a better build on here for $825-$900? i get a scholarship that covers up to $1000 for a new computer, and get to keep the rest. i would definitely like to keep some of it.

    **keep in mind that i need windows on the machine, and shipping is $65 to Ohio!

    EDIT: 3:27pm- I posted this in the system-cyberpower forum!
  12. Until April or so whenever Sandy Bridge is for sale again (don't forget about Bulldozer coming out around the same time) the only real choice you have is the Phenom II, Athlon II or the current i5/i7's. All of which are not going to be upgradeable platforms.

    So just wait. If your afraid your going to blow the money before then, give it to your parents or a family member you trust to hold onto it for you.
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