Help! HD5770 (1Gb) Vs HD4830 (512mb). almost no performance increas

Hello I have recently bought an VTX HD5770 (1GB) from Ebay and fitted it to my system but to be honest haven't really noticed an appreciable difference in performance over my old Sapphire HD4830 (512mb), even when overclocked to max settings in CCC.
So I wonder whether anybody here could help me understand why?

I have wondered whether there is a bottleneck somewhere.
Perhaps the CPU?

Here's my setup. It's quite old, but I don't have the cash right now to upgrade...

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
CPU: E8400 (Socket 775) - overclocked to 3.6GHz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-s2H
RAM: 3Gb (800MHz DDR2)
GPU: VTX HD5770 (1GB)
HDD: Samsung (I forget the model) Sata-II 360GB (I think, not that it makes any difference)

For example, when running Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, the average FPS rose from an average 43FPS in a specific track to 45 FPS.
In Heaven benchmark my score rose from about 480 to 530. In fact, most of the 26 tests actually appeared to run less smoothly on the 5770 so I was suprised to see any increase at all.

Also, the HD5770 fan appears to run very fast when idling, which is around 50 degrees C. It's much noisier than the 4830 and sounds like a jet taking off.

Due to the noisy fan and virtually non-exitant performance increase I'm actually considering re-selling the 5770 in favour of putting my 4830 back in to the PC. Is this normal???
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  1. yeah well its not a real big step up in cards 5770 sits between a 4850 and a 4870 ur system could be bottlenecked under certain conditions by a dual core cpu too if you had a better motherboard that supported crossfire i would just said get another 4830 it will beat most current mid range cards and would have cost next to nothing for a 2nd 4830 i personally have 2 sapphire 4850's crossfired and the extra ram on the 5770 you may not notice, depends on the game and the resolution ur running
  2. Make sure you ran driver sweeper and did a clean install. There could be some lingering issues from the previous drivers. Also, what other games are you playing? Have you run 3dMark Vantage and 2k6 yet just as a general test? Running just one 5770 in my Crossfire system gets around 13,600 points in 2k6 on default, compared to the 4830 in my sons system which only gets around 10,300 (2k6 gets pretty cpu limited for me around the 13,000 mark, running in Crossfire only gets me around 15,000).

    Also, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is very poorly optimized, so I wouldn't put too much responsibility onto that title as far as gauging performance goes. It hits major frame drops in some races compared to others, and in general just doesn't perform very well on any system compared to other racers. Try benching Dirt 2, Alien versus Predator, Metro 2033, Black Ops, etc with Fraps and compare the average and minimum frames per card and see what you come up with.

    Here is a link to a guys results comparing his 5770 performance to his 4850 performance. He is running a Core 2 Duo also, so this may give you a better idea of the kind of gains you should be seeing.
  3. Thanks for your help. I'm gonna run some more games and see whether they show some better results. If not I'm just gonna sell the 5770 and keep the 4830 for a while longer.
  4. The following review indicates that you should see a significant increase in performance. Be aware that the test rig uses a Core i7 920 CPU.
  5. It's kind of worrisome that you say the 5770 is idling @50C and that the fan is running fast my 5770 idles at around 38 - 40C with the fan at around 20% so 50C idle seems pretty high and could be causing the card to throttle back if overheating when running under stress which could be a part of the problem. -- Also keep in mind when OCing the newer DDR5 based cards going too high can actually hurt performance since DDR5 has error correction instead of seeing artifacting you'll actually get slower performance from the card if it is OC'd too high as the card will resend info if there are memory errors due to the OC slowing performance where older cards would just display the errored info causing artifacts on screen.

    Try testing the card without OCing it and see if you get better results.
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