I am building a new computer and it will be my first time.

At first, I decided to go with 2 HDD

a WD Black 500 GB as the primary (windows OS, common programs)

and a WD Green 2TB as secondary (storage)

But as of late, I have been looking in to SSD.

I wanted to know, as of now, what would be the best thing to do.
Should I get the drives I am planning on getting?
Should I get a SSD for my primary?
Should I get what I'm getting and upgrade later??

What is the best way to get my money's worth.

Hope you experts can help!!

Links to the 2 drives.
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  1. Im updating my system and having been looking at tons of reviews and videos on youtube. And the truth is an SSD is about 10x faster than an hdd. I am going to buy one. The only problem is the price. Thats my opinion, but I recomend you see some videos on youtube.
  2. Large SSDs are not cheap. Since you only need ~20-30GB for W7 64 bit PC I would get a small SSD like 40GB its a definite difference.
  3. Yeah, thanks so far guys.

    I'm wondering, what exactly is best run with the SSD. Like of course windows will be on the SSD. But like would programs also run on it? and like if I installed a program onto the other harddrive, would it be just as fast (probably not, but just doublechecking)

    Like in the demo video that was shown above.
  4. Anything can run on it, its just like a HDD but quicker/more expensive non mechanical
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    I'd recommend dropping the 500GB drive from your build list and instead replacing it with a SSD (40-80GB). That will cost you a little over $100, depending on what you get. The OCZ Vertex series is a very good choice.

    As far as what to put on the SSD, since your space is relatively limited stick to things that can benefit from the faster drive, such as the OS and programs that you load frequently. Avoid filling it with music, videos, pictures, etc. because they typically do not see much benefit from the faster drive compared to the improved load times of programs. And they take up a ton of space. Use the 2TB drive for those.
  6. @burnley14 yeah, I'm going to be doing ALOT of video editing/rendering, so I would put like SVP and Adobe After Effects in the SSD and use the 2GB as a storage.

    There is this one SSD I am looking at,
    It has pretty awesome reviews, is compatible with raid (for the future), and is Sata 3.

    $20 then the one you recommended. and warranties are the same.

    Probably going to go with that one, unless anyone else has a reason otherwise :)

    Thanks again everyone for the help!!
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  8. The drive you linked is also a good choice, but its advantage is only available when used with SATAIII. If you have a SATAIII motherboard, go for it, but otherwise you will actually be getting worse performance than the OCZ drive while paying more.
    Regardless, your write speeds will be substantially worse on the Crucial drive but it's pretty widely accepted that read speeds are more important (for the most part), so this is not a big issue.
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