Motherboard with 1 PCI-Ex16 slot supports ATI CrossFire?

OK, I'm sure this is a newbie question but I'm not a pro anyway.

how does this mobo supports ati crossfire with its only 1 pci-ex16 slot? where am i supposed to mount the second video card??? im asking becouse it costs only $90 in my country. i'm planning to use this with a phenom ii x4 955 (or 965) and a hd6850. any suggestions?
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  1. That Motherboard has integrated graphics and will therefore support "hybrid Crossfire". You can use ONE additional PCI-e graphics card, a HD42xx is as powerful as you can use for this application. That being said, the performance increase is not worth the hassle of the setup. You would be better served to disable the integrated graphics and get a single HD5xxx or HD6xxx class AMD card or even an Nvidia GTX4xx or 5xx series card.
  2. i would suggest dont buy amd x4 955 with your 6850. the processor will bottleneck the 6850. instead buy a intel 750 or wait for the sandry bridge
  3. The Phenom II x4 955 will be fine for a HD 6850 or faster video card.
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