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Had to move my modem and wireless router to the basement. I have a PC wired to that setup in the basement and have a laptop we use in the kitchen via wireless.

I have another PC upstairs that I would also like to access the internet. The router is a NetGear and the PC is a older Gateway 700xl I think.

What kind of adapter would I need to make this happen? Two story house and router is in basement. Didn't know if I needed something stronger to span that distance.
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  1. have you tried to test the signal strength on the second floor?

    I would buy a PCI wireless network card
  2. I can bring the laptop up to check signal.

    Any card will do or is there better ones then others?
  3. What type of router do you have?
  4. Its a Netgear WGR614 v6
  5. did you have a chance to test the signal upstairs? reason I am asking to see if you need a repeater or a new router

    here is a NIC I would buy especially with the extra antennas it currently comes with.
  6. I'm in the room upstairs now with the laptop and I still have full strength. So it seems the signal won't be a problem.

    Can I save some money getting one with less antennas or isn't it that much less? If I could go with less could you point me to one on newegg?
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    Don't get a NIC with fixed antennas, in case you have signal problems, you cannot add a booster antenna.

    By the way try to run the NIC without the supplied software first (only install drivers). Should you have problems use the software.
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