Difference between VGA, DVI and HDMI????????

I have a ati 5850 and a samsung 21.5" full hd lcd monitor
will i find any difference whether i connect the monitor using a vga or dvi or hdmi ?????????
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  1. At 1080, there is no difference. The only difference is the method in which it gets transmitted there. VGA as a red, green, blue analogue signal while HDMI and DVI are digital visual signals.
  2. so the difference is abt how it sends video. so it will not give any beter colours or etc in the monitor?
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    HDMI and DVI-D are digital formats. They show exactly what the picture should be. VGA is analog and is sensitive to quality of cable and distance and other signal degradation effects. At best VGA will show what the picture should be but it's possible it won't.
  4. Thanks I'm going to hook my ASUS monitor up with my DVI-D cable.
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