i don"t have grounding connection to my computer .when i turn on my system (out side of cpu & moniter both or littel bitt electrick shock
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  1. take a long cable wire, peel the tip as seen cooper, 1 to case (part case conductive / or back case) and 1 to the ground or wall , and now you can try catch it with your finger
  2. The computer case should be grounded otherwise you will get a shock as the case will be floating at half mains voltage with a charge depending on the capacitance of the mains switching transformer.
  3. ALWAYS use grounded plugs.........always!!!
  4. Make sure your outlets are actually grounded first.
  5. Every computer power supply cord I have ever seen is 3 pronged and grounded. I would get a low cost outlet tester as well to be sure the power source in properly grounded.
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