Suggestions for this build? Budget: less than 1500 dollars

I am looking into buying a new desktop with a 1500 budget (including monitor). I have this build right now which costs about $1640.

Case: Cooler Master HAF 922
PSU: CORSAIR HX Series 750 W
HD: Western Digital Caviar 500gb
Optical drive: Asus 24x DVD/CD burner
CPU: Intel i7 2600k
Mem: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600mhz
GPU: MSI Twin Frozr II nVidia GTX 570

My build includes a 24 inch monitor, keyboard & mouse (they cost almost 120 dollars together), thermal paste, heatsink, and a pack of 4 extra fans to add to my case if I ever need them.

I will mainly use this computer for my course work which involves programming and sometimes using MS Office etc. to write reports or use spreadsheets. I like working with Photoshop or blender at times, and would love to have seamless fun with that :)

I will occasionally play video games such as WoW: Cataclysm and perhaps the upcoming SWTOR and Skyrim. I am NOT a gamer, but I do play games occasionally and would enjoy having the graphics processing power.

Currently, I am using a Dell Studio 15 laptop. It has a myriad of problems, such as overheating and the assembly is pretty piss poor (the panels are coming off, etc.). It has a very weak CPU and graphics can't even handle 720p video from youtube. I'm tired of having to wait 5-10 seconds to load another tab in excel (and I have maybe 10-15 tabs open in excel -.-), or having my computer shut off randomly. I tried calling Dell, but you know how horrible their service is....

Point is, I'd like a stable computer system which will last me at least the next 5 years. With a desktop, I can upgrade it in the future if I ever feel like it. In addition, I feel like I will be getting a better, faster, and more reliable computer than my $1k Dell laptop which can't handle excel.

Please feel free to comment on my build and help me improve it. The baseline for performance should be around what components I have selected for this build. If there are similar components which can save me money, please let me know!

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    Looks good, Although I would change a few things.
    Get the i5-2500k It's just as good as the 2600k. The only difference is that the i7 has Hyper Threading, something that is only used in VERY intensive tasks, such as CAD or 3D rendering.
    Also, swap the HDD for a Samsung Spinpoint f3 1TB it's faster, cheaper, and has more capacity.
    You might also consider dropping to a 6950 or gtx 560ti, since you aren't a gaming enthusiast.
    Might I ask what your mobo selection is?
  2. My mobo:

    I was getting the i7 2600k because I read that it would actually be useful since I enjoy stuff like video editing and messing around in tools like Rhino, etc. Its not my main thing, but its fun to do.

    I am not a gamer anymore because of school, but I enjoy hopping on WoW to do arena. I can't do arenas anymore because I am running 10 fps on my laptop, and raiding is out the question... I get like 1 fps lol.

    Also, according to some benchmarks people ran on CPUs, the i7 2600k scores much higher than the i5 2500k. However, I have a question when it comes to gaming with the i5: is it true that the i7 2600k actually performs worse than an i5 at gaming?

    I'd like to keep the 570 gtx because a friend of mine just got 2 of those bad boys and everything looks GORGEOUS!

  3. Well not to rag on you, but it seems like you have your mind made up.
    The 2600k is almost the exact same processor as the 2500k. The difference is that the 2600k has HT. If you are just messing around and not serious, I would strongly recommend the 2500k as it will perform excellently. If you are not super hardcore, why spend $100 that you don't need?
    The i5 and i7 perform almost identically in gaming.
    A gtx 560 ti will easily get you 60fps on WoW.
  4. I followed your advice and I think I'll go with what you told me lol.

    Do you think I should spend the left over on a SSD? Lol always wanted one!
  5. An SSD is there to improve boot times. If you like fast boots, go ahead and grab one.
    I would wait a bit though, as the OCZ Agility 3's are coming out for around the same price as the current ones, but these are much faster.
    What monitor are you getting?
  6. I actually forgot the link to that one (I lost the build I saved lol)

    It was an acer monitor that's like 180 dollars. 23.6 inches, full HD, and it had a mail in rebate for an even more discount.
  7. Alright. At 1920x1080, I would not suggest anything below a 5850 or 460, so a 560ti or 570 will be just fine.
  8. do i need 8gb ram or can i get away with 4?
  9. also, should i get the 1/2 year warranty offered by newegg?
  10. 4GB is just fine, you will not use more than 4GB. Most people are getting 8GB to future proof their pc's, in case a program comes along that needs more than 4GB. You will be just fine, as long as it's quality ram. G.skill makes some good ram, like this:
  11. I would not get the warranty, as most of the parts makers offer pretty good warranties. You can RMA with newegg within 90 days I believe, which is 3 months.
  12. ok cool. can you also help me out with the warranty?

    haha first time buying all parts from newegg :D
  13. ah ok ty!
  14. no problem man! Once you make your final selection, go ahead and post it here so you can get a second opinion.
  15. ok last question: will this config last me AT LEAST 5 years? 75% of the time this pc will be used for studying/programming. 25% gaming/hobbies/etc

    i really don't want to spend any more money on a pc anytime soon.
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  17. This PC will be an awesome gaming machine for probably the next 2 years. After that, you may not be able to max out games, but that can be fixed by throwing another GFX card in SLI when you run into that issue. As for it lasting 5 years, in 5 years, it will be very outdated most likely, but still run like a champ.
  18. thanks man. only changes were cpu and the hd.

    thanks for all ur help cuz i got a better insight into this thanks to you.

    best answer selected =D
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