Help finishing off my new build

I'm going to go with for a video card.
This for the CPU.

That's pretty much all I've got. This will be used for graphically intensive games but I'm on a budget of around 700 dollars, give or take. I saw this combo deal but motherboards are an area I'm pretty illiterate in so I'm not sure how this would work for gaming...

That would get me in my ballpark of 700 dollars(that's 700 including the OS. Cheapest I've found windows 7 has been 99 dollars).

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I have virtually no knowledge in the area of HDD's, but I figured 4 gigs of RAM would be sufficient. Case suggestions would help too. Having never built a computer myself I'm not sure how much room will be needed to fit these components in.

edit: Apparently I fail at hotlinking on this site as well. For that I apologize.
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  2. Thanks for the quick reply and advice. I wouldn't have guessed the 5850 to be better but I guess bigger numbers and higher prices don't always mean better performance.

    That all looks pretty good. I have to ask, why the change from the i5-2500 to the i5-2400? Was that simply to fit the posted budget or are you really not gaining much going with the 2500?
  3. It's .3ghz for $20, I guess you could go with the 2500 if you'd like.
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