X16/x16 vs. x8/x8 for multiple display gaming rig

I plan on getting dual 570's and having a triple monitor setup for GAMING ONLY. (Wanting to buy this month)

I want the new 2500k/p67, b/c of the sexy 2500k for gaming. However the mobos don't TRULY support x16/x16, only x8/x8.

I saw this article:

which shows that on triple monitor setups, you CAN get maybe a 7%'ish performance hit b/c of the x8/x8 (which currently p67's have) on certain games. However the testers DO state they didn't notice it while gaming, ONLY on the graphs.

Would it be better to go with say x58 mobo/i7 cpu that can truly support the x16/x16 and get all the power out of the 570's?

Or stick with the 2500k and x8/x8?

I'm really looking for opinions here to see what other might think about this. I'm curious if anyone has setups described like these out there and can weigh in on what they've seen.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd stick with the 2500k. As your link and this link shows, there is a very little difference. The 2500k is the better processor. I wouldn't expect GTX570's to be limited by the 8x/8x much at all.

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