460 GTX overheating?


I have two 460 GTX 768mb in SLI currently they run at 45C under idle, and around 99C with 100% fan. With the ambient room temperature being around 65F, and in the summer my room will get to around 80F (in Arizona). I think i will have an issue with it in the summer but I'm not sure. Is there any way to get the temperature lower?

Current setup is
Case:CM HAF932
i7-920 @3.5GHz
6 GB OCZ platinum ram
intel 120gb ssd
Gigabyte X58-UD3R rev 1.6 (only has 2 pci-e slots)
XFX 750W Black Edition PSU
2x Galaxy 460 GTX 768
and a sound card right under the video card.

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  1. Download and install MSI afterburner and set a fan profile that has the fan at 100% at 80°. 99 is too hot, even if the cards can handle it there's no guarantee that the motherboard components sitting next to them can. You also might add a case fan or rearange the ones you have so that one is blowing directly on the cards.
  2. Yeah i currently have 1 200mm fan blowing on both the cards and as well as a 120mm fan that is blowing on the bottom one. Well even at 100% fan it just sits at 99C under load. I just don't know why they get so hot.
  3. Which slots are they installed? You want at the very least one slot between them for airflow. Second the coolers used are junk so why you didn't avoid them I don't know.
    Small fans = low airflow. So try to pump air between the cards and replace the stock compound for lower temps.
  4. Are they heavily overclocked? Are they in slots right next to each other and the airflow is blocked? 99 is crazy hot for a 460, I had a 1gb one in my machine last week and at 845 core and 4160 mem it never got over 60° running furmark. I've got a pair of 465s now which are much hotter cards usually, and the primary card only hits 81 and the second card stays under 65. That both cards are hitting 99 makes me think something is either wrong with the fan control or the temp sensors on the cards.
  5. Yes they are in the slot right next to each other. The 460 i currently have are 700 core and 1848 for the mem. According to what i read from the tech support website. If i replace the thermal paste it voids the warranty. for the cooler its not a reference video card so i cant use a typical aftermarket heat sink. The tech support they have takes 2 days for an email response and no one answers there phone.
  6. Probably not the best idea to run 2 dual slot cards on that board unfortunately. Still I would think the bottom card wouldn't be overheating as well, at least not as bad as the top one. You could try downclocking and reducing the voltage a little, but I think you're pretty much screwed, there are no single slot aftermarket coolers, and thermal paste isn't going to matter if you have zero air flow.

    You could try something like this:
    in the slot above the top card, but pulling heat off the back of the PCB isn't going to do you a whole lot of good when the chips aren't getting any air.

    My reccomendation would be to sell or return the cards and get a better single card, or get a new motherboard.
  7. Try pulling the sound card for right now and see if it drops temps.
    From what you described the top card is getting blocked by the second card and the second card is getting blocked by the sound card.
    See if that lowers your temps a bit. You may end up having to go with on board sound or get a PCIe sound card and put in the top pcie 4 slot. If it will fit.
    If your wanting to keep your basic set up you may want to think of going to a single video card solution. I know it sucks but better than killing both you current cards.
  8. buy an air conditioner. also rather than having your fans set up to blow in the case, have them venting the hot air out of the case. only the front lower fan should be intake.
  9. 80 degrees in the summer is with the air conditioner set pretty high gets about 118 out here sometimes.
  10. galeener said:
    80 degrees in the summer is with the air conditioner set pretty high gets about 118 out here sometimes.

    Uggh thanks for reminding me :(

    Come summer my electric bill hits $200 and goes for the stars. :??:
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