A best gaming cpu which perform best at 1080p res with all maxed out..

the specs should be affordable ..not like a addict gamers system.. it should be affordable..the cpu should be capable to handle hi res games without problem with all maxed out or atleast at high settings..not an amd processor
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  1. i want to play all games at 1080p maxed out or atleast high details
  2. i5-2500K > i3-2100 > Pheonom II X4 955 BE OC'ed!

    It Depends On Your Graphics Card! Anything Above ATI 6770/Nvida GTS 260 Or GTX 460 With The Above Processors Will Be Fine!
    But Still It Will Strugle With Crysis/Metro 2033 At Evrything Maxed Out!
  3. budget will be a 1000-1200$ ..but i want to play games like bf3 (upcoming),crysis 2 dx 11 at 1080p with maxed out settings
  4. what about other ones like gpu,mobo,psu,ram and cabinet..will a i5 2500k enough for hi res games..for atleast 2 years from now..
  5. That setting its more about the GPU then CPU.

    Or get a 965BE with a AM3+ mobo and u can upgrade to bulldozer later on
  6. Look at the benchmarks with respect to the GPU first, as maximizing your FPS at that resolution will depend a lot more on the GPU that the CPU. If a single HD6970 or single GTX570 is not sufficient, then you're looking at multiple GPUs. A pair of HD6870s will easily beat the HD6970: and not cost too much more. If they do, then you'll need to lower the CPU to make budget. You can get a Core-i3 and plan on an upgrade, or go AMD with a 970BE (a 955BE may nor may not OC enough) on a 900-chipset board so you can upgrade to Bulldozer, although you may not need to.
  7. I got the 1100T for other reason also but yes get a GPU that powerful and u will be happy because the higher u go for resulution the more need is taken off for the CPU
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