Installing A Case Fan.

I am attempting to install this fan:

However the old fan which came with the case connected via 4 pin molex connectors.

Any ideas how to connect this fan to replace the old?

says fast and easy to install on the website, but i'm clueless, as it came without intsructions.

Thank-you in advance. :)
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  1. It has a three pin connector so it should be plugged into a corresponding three pin connection on your motherboard.
  2. this corresponding 3 pin being labeled CPU_FAN?
  3. The connection labelled CPU_FAN is reserved for the cooler that attaches onto the CPU chip so not that one. You should have other connections spread throughout the motherboard, like SYS_FAN or PWR_FAN, that you can plug the fan into. Can you list your system specs?
  4. not currently as its apart on the floor :P

    i can give you the type of motherboard if that's all you require? most other specs i can remember off the top of my head. :D

    Motherboard: GA-M61PME-S2
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor
    RAM: 4gb RAM
    GPU: nVidia GeForce 9500GT

    what else do you require?

    thanks :D
  5. i've found SYS_FAN if that is where i need to plug the 3 pin connector into?

    Won't let me edit my previous post for some reason so forced to double post.
  6. You can plug the 3-pin connector from the case fan anywhere on the motherboard except for CPU_FAN. Where you plug it into will depend on where you decide to mount the fan and also the length of the wires. You can plug into the SYS_FAN if you want.
  7. okay thanks, SYS_FAN is in the perfect place anyway, thanks alot for the help! :D
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