Need advice finalising Gaming Build

Hi, im looking to build my new gaming system in about a months time. Can anyone see any problems with this setup?
I will be using it as my main PC for gaming and internet etc. Im looking to build something cost efficient that will last for a long time.
I plan to run at first 1 1920x1080 then buy a slightly larger monitor but havent decided yet!

I have conducted research on this forum and others over a 2 month period to come up with this, so hope it looks ok!

Mobo - Asus P8P67-PRO R3
CPU - Intel i5 2500k sandybridge 3.3ghz (i will definatly be overclocking this)
Memory - G-skill RipjawsX 2x2GB PC3-17000C9 2133mhz
Chassis - Coolermaster HAF X (high airflow a neccesity)
Cooler - Thermalright Silver arrow
PSU - XFX 650w modular XXX (enough for crossfire in this setup?)
SSD - OCZ vertex 2E bigfoot 120gb (will use an external for file storage)
GPU - 2 x asus ATI 6950 OC 2048mb (this has been my most difficult decision, still not sure wether to go Xfire or SLI 480's or a single 580? Im very interested in experimenting with dual gfx cards so have gone for this setup at the moment, also im not fussed about noise!)
Sound - ASUS xonar 7.1

This all up is looking around the 1400GBP mark, i can maybe stretch another 100-200 if its worth the money.

Will run Windows 7.

Any thoughts and advice with this build would be greatly appreciated.

(Can repost with URL's if needed but as these are mainstream and talked about parts i have left them off for now)
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  1. U 've pretty much nailed it imo.
    Go with the 6950s 2GB. U wont go wrong.
    Dont see a HDD in ur post. Go with Samsung F3 1TBs as many as u need.
    Good luck.
  2. nice configuration
    But your PSU is not adequate,Its 80+ then efficiency comes nearly 550w so i think you should buy a minimum 750w PSU a suggestion is Coolermaster 750GX.


    As you mentioned you must do oc then cooler is not good.Check Corsair H50 or H70.
  3. @vishal s: what? 80+ efficiency comes to 550w? U r not making any sense. Thats not how it works.
    and Cooler master PSUs dont have good reviews. Its not ont of the best brands for PSUs.

    Go with an seasonic / xfx / corsair / antec . 650w is sufficient. But its up to u to go with a 750w unit. Ur system should use about 500w under full load.
  4. Maybe the biggest problem with this build is that in a month the release of AMD's Bulldozer is a few days away .

    If Bulldozer is faster and/or cheaper ..............
  5. @ Outlander : Agreed!
  6. Thanks for the comments,

    will add an F3 1TB for the HDD

    PSU - thanks this has been a concern of mine, will change to a 750w to be safe.

    Cooler - i was under the impression the silver arrow is a great cooler. Ive had great results using a noctua NH-U12P to OC my Duo2 from 2.6 to 3.6 still never going above 38degrees. Is water cooling really the way to go?

    Bulldozer - Will keep an eye on this and maybe change the config if its a good idea!
  7. i have the XFX 650W (semi modular) PSU and I have no complaints...but is not on a crossfire/sli rig...i would suggest at least 750 for that

    Hyper 212 for a heatsink...mine is quiet and efficient...temps stay around 30c
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