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I have a windows 7 dell pc that I bought last January. My computer has always randomly shut down either when in use or not in use or even if I was using it to send videos to my ps3 to watch on tv. So I called the tech guys at dell to see if there was some kind of issue to be concerned with about my pc restarting, after three separate techs doing tests and what not, my computer boots games up perfectly well, but as soon as I get into the game and start trying to play, the game lags soooooo much that they are no longer playable.
The second tech said something about updating drivers to try and see if that would help. After he did the updates I have the new problems and the third one offered me over to software support with a 200+ dollar fee to help me.
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  1. 1. check for overheating
    2. check if PSU is sufficient.

    use realtemp to monitor tempratures.

    i am 90% sure its not a software problem. s/w problems dont make random shutdowns.
  2. certainly not a software issue and my computer is certainly not overheating - both games were working fine prior to the Dell Tech updating drivers and what not ... he made some changes that I am not sure of b/c I was getting ready for work - he told me he updated drivers and that's when the problem started - they tell me the only thing I can is go back to factory specs. I would prefer to avoid this at all costs - I have never seen this kind of problem - the games start fine but once actually into trying to play them the system bogs down to a crawl with no end in sight.
  3. ok so i fooled around with some of the video settings and have seen a marginal improvement to the point where the star craft is almost playable but not quite - I have no idea how to roll back to my video and other drivers that the tech changed to see if that helps. Any other ideas or assistance will be great thanks.
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