No Display: Toshiba Satellite A-135 & HP Pavilion DV6000

First I'll address the HP Pavilion DV6000: Started out with just a grainy, wavy line display. At first I was able to add an external monitor & the screen on the external was perfect. Correct me if I'm wrong but I take it that the problem is the screen on the HP since the graphic's on the HP would also control how the external monitor would look. Then, I could not even get the external monitor to turn on [no signal!] After hours of taking it apart, checking all the connections, I've come to the conclusion that the battery which is no good & a power supply that has been the really only true source of power for about 8 months is starting to go bad. Below is the steps I took in order.
1: Notebook Screen wavy/grainy but external display worked fine.
2: Took the notebook apart, changed the heatsink fan [which was going bad], checked connections & put it back together.
3: After a few times of turning the notebook on, then the external monitor would not show up: "No Signal" flashing on the external screen & notebook stay's in "Power Saving" Mode.
4: Decided to look at the battery as the problem. Charged all night & only had 9% charge the next morning with PSU still plugged in.
5: Since the notebook stay's in "Power Saving" Mode, I am assuming that the problem is the notebook is not getting enough power to run the nvidia graphic's correctly. [that's the other problem, the nvidia chipset]
So as far as the Pavilion, I guess it need's a new battery & probably a new PSU.

Next we come to the Toshiba Satellite A135-S2276 notebook. This was one of those $30 "Cracked Screen" specials I purchased on ebay. Now this one is really strange. Please note that I am aware that there have been mainboard issue's with the Satillite A135-xxxxx models but read on because I've never heard of what is going on.

1: I had it in the house & tried to get it to work but could not get the external display to work. I left it in the garage.
2: The "Gateway" PSU that came with it went bad. After about 6 months, I went into the garage, [cold outside] & it powered up. First I thought, the battery must be good so I'll mess with it. I mean come on, 6 months left in the garage through the winter so it must have a good battery!!!
3: I attached one of my LCD monitor's to it as the external monitor, Since I have the original restore disc with OS & drivers/apps I am good to go.
4: The first time I turned it on [still in the cold garage], I got a "Enter Password" so I stopped & figured that I'll have to go into the BIOS to see if it's password protected & clear it if I have to, but do remember that "1234" was the password.
5: I decided to bring it into the house & "No Display's" when I turned it on. I do believe that I had it apart & checked all the connections but now I'm wondering if there is a issue with the board it's self. Like I mentioned earlier, the A135's do have mainboard issues.
6: With the new hard drive installed, I can turn it on & first I get the bootup screen on the external monitor that show's the "Press F2 to enter setup" & the "Press F12 to enter boot menu". That's as far as I can get.
With all that I've noted, does anyone have any idea's? If you do, please list either the HP Pavilion or the Toshiba Satellite
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  1. One thing about the Toshiba Satellite A135-xxxx. What I need to add is that the processor heatsink fan does spin when powered up as it should. Also the hard drive is running/spinning, so there is power going to these two. Like I said earlier, it will work if it's been left out in the garage. Here in Michigan, it does get cold & I did look at the notes I kept, the battery has held a charge for almost a year. So the original seller was honest when he said the battery was at 90-95% new.

    I'm hoping I can get a Tom's Hardware member to answer my questions about both the HP & Toshiba. Thanks again, Dan
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