Computer turns on, then off after about 5 seconds.

I am installing a new mobo, cpu, PSU, and ram. Using an older HDD and video card. When I first installed everything, in a new case it was turning on then off as stated in the titled. So after doing some research I found this page and have been going through the checklist -

I am at the point of breadboarding, I started with just mobo, cpu, ram and PSU and got the same issue. So that would rule out an short in the case with the mobo. I then started trying just on stick of ram, I got the same issue with one stick of ram in DIMM 1, but as I wanted to try other things to make sure I was not assuming the DIMM I was using ws DIMM 1, I tried the ram on the other side. When I powered on that time, with just the one stick, it powered on and stayed on.

I felt like I was making progress, so I put in the other stick of ram to see what would happen, and the issue came back. Then I wanted to really make sure that I was using the correct DIMM slots. I was able to find numbering for the slots on the mobo, almost under the CPU, partially covered by the heatsink. Seeing that, if I have just one stick of ram, it can be either stick, in what is labled DIMM 4 it will turn on and stay on, but if I have any other ram stick DIMM configuration, I am back to square one with it turning on and off over and over.

Mobo - MSI P67A-C43 B3
Processor Core i5 - 2500K LGA1155
PSU - Corsair TX850w
RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2 x 4GB
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  1. Problem solved for now.
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