Laptop with HDMI out for HDTV

I am goign to replace a desktop that sorta acts as a HTPC. Its hooked up to the main TV now via DVI-HDMi adapter. I store all my media on an external hard drive

Can I get a laptop with onboard gpu and HDMI out to display hdtv and videos ?
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  1. As long as the laptop has HDMI you can do it.

    An example is the Dell XPS 15:
  2. I was trolling the dell outlet and they had som sub $500 inspirons with HDMI out.

    The desktop now gets used for e-mail, web and playing TV shows and movies onto the TV. Playback of 720p downloads are stuttery and kill the playback.

    Thats due to who knows what- bad download, dying power supply, bad gfx card (8600 gt?)

    In any event, as long as it won't have issues with video playback I think I'll be good with a ne of these dells
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