(Help) No Post Inside Case

I need some suggestions because I've run out of things to try:

My asrock extreme4 P67 lga1155 will not POST inside a CM Storm Scout case.

Boots perfectly outside the case with everything attached and with just a 'bare bones' 1 Ram, CPU, and GPU build.

Followed directions, put all 10 pin screws inside the case before installing the board (ie the motherboard doesn't rest on the case)
Tight screws can kill a board, so I left them somewhat loose.

I finally got fed up and RMA'd the mobo. Just got the second one and boom, it's happening again... which makes me think I'm the cause not the mobo.
Again, this booted easily outside the case but not inside.

The Storm Scout is a tight squeeze but it's a pretty popular choice among similar builds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
What components should I install/plug in to the mobo before it goes into the case?
I'm thinking that some components require a little pressure when installing might be causing problems after it's inside the case.
Could the stock screws that came with the case I'm using be the cause. Mobo doesn't come w/screws.

Here is my build FYI:

-AsRock Extreme4 P67
-Intel i5-2500k
-+212 Heat Sink
-EVGA GTX 560 Ti (Fermi)
-CM Storm Scout Case
-WD 640 gb HD
-Mushkin Callisto 60GB SSD

I can provide links on newegg.

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  1. A 60gig HDD that's a REAL bottle neck comparing to the rest of the build.
  2. No, the real bottleneck is that it will not boot inside the case. And what is wrong with a 60 GB boot drive? After all, he has 640 more GBs of storage on his other drive.

    timebender, when you had the motherboard outside the case, how did you try to boot it? Did you short the green and black wires or use the case switch?

    If you did not boot using the case power switch while the motherboard was outside the case, you do not know for sure that the case power switch is any good. Simple way to check is to interchange the power and reset switches and try to boot with the reset switch.

    If that's not the problem, follow the steps below. Just leave the motherboard mounted inside the case with everything disconnected and removed from the motherboard except the CPU, PSU, and case wiring. Then start plugging in the components and testing step by step.

    Maybe the problem is something other than the motherboard.
  3. Do you have riser screws? There is a place you need to place the power button and reset (if you have oner) It could short out hte MOBO if there is NO rising screws to prevent the MOBO from touching the metal.
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