Can a optiplex 745 use a i5 processor

Hi all, I have a Dell 745 DT, I just recently I installed a graphics card which is a ati radeon hd5570, and 4 gbs of corsair gaming ram, But I was wondering, could my PC use an i5 or i7 processor, I am upgrading my HDD and OS before i get a processor, but I want to find out if i can use on of these great cpus. Oh and the reason I even brother to upgrade is because I'm getting ready for Skyrim.
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  1. The optiplex 745 is from the Core 2 Duo era, all of them are LGA 775 motherboards so they wont work with any of the new processors.
  2. The 1st generation of Core i5 CPUs are socket 1156. The 2nd generation of Core i5 CPUs are socket 1155.

    They are incompatible with socket 775 motherboard.
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