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Z75/Z77 for Locked CPU?

Is there any advantage to using a Z75 or Z77 chipset with a locked CPU (e.g. Core i5-3550) or do the Z-series only make sense with unlocked CPUs (e.g. Core i5-3570K)?

Planning on a new build with Ivy Bridge. Want to understand whether to stick with H77 chipset with a locked CPU.
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  1. z77 has native usb3.0 + can use smart response technology. Maybe other lower power use stuff too but hard to say before reviews with IB are out. If you're not gonna use smart response, might not be much of an upgrade if you already have a board and they have a bios update for IB. If I was doing a new build i.e. buying a MB, I'd get a z77.
  2. Let me phrase the question a little different...

    Planning to build a new system based on Ivy Bridge + Panther Point. There's no money in the budget for a K-series CPU (unlocked). If I'm going to have a "mainstream" CPU (e.g. Core i5-3550), is it a waste of money to purchase a Z75 or Z77 motherboard? Do I lose anything sticking with the H77.

    Request responses to be specific about why / why not.
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