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Should I upgrade my CPU for gaming?

I currently have a GTX 480 and a Phenom X4 945 on a HP motherboard. If I upgraded the motherboard to something like an ASUS 890FX would I see a noticeable improvement? Would I see a larger improvement if I upgrade both the CPU and motherboard instead of just the motherboard? (Probably to an i5-2500k and a P67 motherboard). Please help.
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  1. HP hates mods to there cases thats number one trust me my dad's old one didnt like my pws or GPU when up in.

    I would just buy a new case with a 990FX mobo and new ram cuz i bet its DDR2 sitting in it
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    A motherboard upgrade alone won't show any difference. A 2500K would probably improve you a little, but it would be a little overkill.
  3. There will be some improvement in game performance a stock speed. Of course overclocking the i5-2500k should provide even better performance than at stock speed.

    Note that most games are limited by the GPU rather than the CPU. Therefore, you may want to invest that money into a better video card than a new CPU and motherboard.
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