Need help getting March $2000 system builder spec to post

Greetings all,

I'm having trouble getting my mobo to post using the spec given for the March 2011 Performance build. The only modification I made to the recipe was to buy four sticks of RAM instead of two to give myself a total of 16Gb of memory.

spec located here,2876.html

I've tried breadboarding the mobo, CPU, heatsink, a single stick of RAM, graphics card, PSU, and Diagnostic card and consistently have come up with an error code 45 on the diagnostic. The mobo has LEDs incorporated into the board to help with locating where the error is, and during the Code 45, the DRAM LED is solid blue. During this time, there is no output from the video card, so my monitor is blank.

I've tried starting up without RAM, which gets me to an error 22.
I've tried starting up with all sticks in place, then each stick individually to make sure each stick was working the same as the others. The end result was consistently DRAM LED a solid blue, and error code 45.
I've tried removing the CMOS battery (leaving it out for 30 minutes), and switching the CTR jumper over from pins 1+2 to 2+3 for a few seconds to reset that item, and the restart (including RAM) gets me to the same solid blue DRAM LED and error 45. The one upside was that this did remedy the auto shut down and restart that was occurring.
I've tried hitting the MemOK button for each round of single memory stick testing, and still the same error and LED.

The manual for the mobo doesn't describe the error code I'm getting, and days of searching the internet for details have lead me to zero conclusions.

This is my first homebuild, so I would not be surprised if I was missing something fairly obvious. I'm learning as I go here and any insight you all could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone have any ideas?
  2. Solved the post issue by placing two sticks of ram into the two slots that are furthest from the cpu, starting with the second to last slot. This goes against what the manual says to do, but it did work with both sets individually.

    I say individually because the mobo still does not post when all four sticks are in at the same time, which according to the mobo tech support will be solved if I adjust the timing of both sets in the bios so that they work together, even though the bios is set to automatically adjust to detect the proper settings. Does this sound correct to anyone, or should I still be suspecting that some sort of mobo issue is still afoot?

    Opinions are always welcome.
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