Help With Valuation (UK)

Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone could help me out, I am looking to sell my current system, and am wondering what a fair price to ask for it would be, i'll probably advertise on ebay to begin with.

I am in the UK

Coolermaster Storm Scout Case, additional side fan
Coolermaster 700w silent pro modular power supply
Intel core i5-750 processor
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus HSF
Asus P7P55D Pro Motherboard
4gb G.skill 1333mhz DDR3
Pci-e usb3 expansion card
XFX ati 1gb 4890 GPU
2 x DVD-RW Dvd Burners (SATA)
80gb Western Digital Velociraptor boot drive
1tb 7200rpm Storage drive

Any help would be great

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  1. 60-70% of new price.
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