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New motherboard for q6600

My motherboard died for my xps 420 machine a year ago and I bought a new alienware laptop. However I would really like to get the desktop machine up and running again to act as a backup computer. I have already looked around quite a bit for a motherboard for the q6600. I will get rid of my old dell case and was looking for an atx board that is not going to cost too much but also won't severely limit me in terms of power. Ideally it would have 4 ddr2 slots and at least 1 pci e port. Is there anything out there for under 100 dollars, hopefully closer 70 that would work with the q6600?
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  1. Here's a new Intel btx board that should fit your dell case: Normally, the 965 chipset will run your q6600, but you may want to ask Intel tech support first. Their website if among the worst for finding info out there. You will need a new windows coa for any non dell board, unless you've already got another copy. Used dell boards are on ebay if you want to use your old files.
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    With just under $100 you can get something like these (There are others to choose from):

    You will upgrade ram to DDR3 1333MHz and your Q6600 will be back in business!
    I have done an upgrade for a friend who also had a Q6600 and we did something similar.
    The Q6600 is in the same categegory as the i3 so you will get plenty out of it yet!
    I suggest not going for the DDR2 it will just maintain a mediocre state that you will not be very happy with.
  3. Thanks. I will do that. I was going to reinstall a spare copy of xp and probably ubuntu anyways so I don't mind the new mother board.
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