Have you had this problem? Sometimes hangs on Bios

I'm running the system right now to post this message. It is stable and can run games.

Only today, when I turned on the system, it hanged on the bios flash screen.

Only by turning off the PSU for 30 seconds, and turning back on did it start ok.

Sometimes it will still freeze at the bios start screen, other times it works fine, like now.

I have flashed the bios to the latest rev. The CMOS battery gives correct volts as given by the bios and HW monitor.

System spec:
MB: Gigabyte M720-US3 F7n
CPU: AMD x3 440, previous clocked at 3.5ghz 1.41V, now at stock 3.0ghz, 31degrees idle, 40degrees load, hyper 212 plus cooler
RAM: OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 4gb
GPU: HD4870 with custom cooler
PSU: 600W Stealth X Stream OCZ
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  1. SOLVED:
    I took out my MP3 USB, and instantly it stopped freezing and booted up.
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