Z68 MoBo for i5 2500k

Hi i want to get a motherboard preferably from Microcenter or Newegg because of the $50 off deal.
It has to be z68, have at least
2 usb3.0 onboard for front panel USB 3.0 ports
support K-series over clock capability
and I'm going to probably buy a AMD HD 6850.
I like the ASRock Extreme3 but turns out that doesnt have the headers. Also looked at the ASRock Extreme4 so please give recommendations other than those. Thanks.

Do the mother boards really need K-series unlocked CPU feature? or is it just a marketing scheme?
I am so confused right now because I'm worrying about the MoBo now.
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  2. Sorry about that. But since im getting a K series CPU, do i really need the Motherboard to support the K series unlock such as:

    where it says supported CPU technologies:
    Supports Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology
    Supports Intel K-Series unlocked CPU
    Supports Hyper-Threading Technology

    So do i actually need a mobo to have that or it's just there to look good.
  3. Yes, but it doesn't have to SAY so. Any P67/Z68/Z77 mobo will allow OC'ing with a K series CPU.

    Edit: Damn, recon got to it before me, lol.
  4. Yes for the "K" unlocked processors you want to use the P67/Z68 or the new Z77 chipset base boards in order to take advantage of the unlocked features. Stay away from the H61, B65, H67, Q67, H75 and H77 chipsets since they won't allow you to overclock.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. Is this one better? I like ASUS more so:
    the pro version of ASUS's z68 lineup
    or for $50 more for the pro model of the z77 lineup:
    I like the z77 lineup more because it comes with a wireless network card and includes a bunch of new features and useful things while the z68 i know less about.
    Is it worth the $50 extra? Microcenter has a $50 off when you buy an intel CPU as well.
  6. I would say just get a Z77 board anyway, and I'm an Asus guy as well, so of course I like the P8Z77-V Pro, lol.
  7. even if it's $50 more?
  8. I would say so. Regardless, if you're buying for a completely new system anyway, which you are, Z77 is the way to go.
  9. I'm going to buy a i5 2500k and i heard that the z77 mobo's give about 100 to 300 mhz more than z68 is that worth it though?
  10. I can't say whether or not it will allow higher OC's, but the added features are worth it IMO, yes. The P8Z68-V Pro IS a great board though, so it's not a huge difference with a 2500K. With Ivy, it might be a different story.
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