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Hi all

I have a Coolmaster 690 II advanced case that has an led fan with the switch mounted on top. I replaced this fan(for different color theme) and can't figure out how to wire the switch in.

The fan i have, has a 3 pin connection(male) and 2 molex connections. The switch has a 3 pin(only 2 pins are there) that is also male. I have an adapter that has a female 3 pin and 2 molex connections.

Am i right in connecting the adapter to the fan via the 3(2) pin and the molex from the fan to a molex on the adapter? If so, where does the psu go into, the fan side or the adapter side? I'm guessing the fan side. Am i correct?

Sorry if this sounds like a total newbie question. I just dont want to cause any shorts.

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  1. Gee thanks for all the help guys
  2. I've tried to read this a few times and can't visualise it particularly well.

    Could you perhaps draw a diagram of what you're trying to do. Nothing professional - just a quick picture will do the job.
  3. Danklin, you madeyour first post at 11:08, then less than 1 hour later, you posted,
    "Gee thanks for all the help guys "

    First of all, " Patience, Grasshopper." Most of us have real lives. We are not just lurking for a post to pop up.

    Second of all, like Rusting, I am trying to figure out the question you are really asking.
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