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I've looked through the power supply/gpu guide on here and couldn't find an exact spec for the gpu I want. I'm looking to upgrade to a GTX 460 but only have a 460W PSU, does anyone know if I will also need to upgrade my power supply?
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  1. power consumption GTX 460 is

    500W enough .. :D , but need calculation again with your system Hardware ?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I'm close. My basic specs are:
    cpu: intel core2 quad 2.83 ghz
    motherboard: pegatron (asus) burbank p35
    1 hdd: 750gb
    4 gb ddr2 ram
    1 multi drive dvdrw

    model: HP d5100t

    umm...anything else?
  3. Cool thanks again
  4. One of my systems has an OC'd Q9550, 4 GB RAM, a GTX260 - a card with about 10% higher power requirements than yours, a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard, 3 hard drives and an optical, and a Soundblaster card all powered by a Corsair 750TX.

    Running 3 instances of Prime95 to load the CPU and 3DMark06 to load the GPU, it pulls 375 watts from the wall as measured by my Kill-a-Watt meter. Figuring 80% efficiency, the system pulls 300 watts from the PSU.

    The 500 watt Antec will be more than adequate.
  5. @ jsc, do you think the additional 40W over what I already have will be absolutely required?
  6. Considering the quality of the power supplies in the HP systems i have seen, absolutely.

    Its much more of a quality issue than a what the sticker says issue, stickers dont actually mean much, often times cheap units will be rated at peak or with the max limit for each rail added together which isnt helpful when you pull 80% of your power from the 12V rail.
  7. Ok so my HP garbage won't cut it lol. One last question then on my mind then, what's the worst that would happen if I tried anyway? Do I risk hardware damage? Or will it just simply not work?
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