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Z77 sabertooth raid 0 vs raid controller

Hello, Kind people of the internet.

I am building an ivy bridge platform (3770k, z77 Sabertooth)
i have 2 x Corsair force 3 120GB SSD. and will do a RAID 0.
I want to know, if i should use the intel sata 6GB/s for raid 0, or use a RAID Controller. i read some where that the onboard RAID can give the cpu a small work load + not as good speeds as A COntroller.

Please help.

Get a raid controller or MOBO IS PERFECT ENOUGH?
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    The onboard controller is very good and you do not need a seperate controller unless you want to go to the expense of a seperate controller. The advantage of the onboard controller is that it is integrated into the chipset, but it runs RAID as a small overhead. A seperate controller has its own logic circuits and takes the load off the onboard chipset, but it needs to transfer data to the mobo and has its own overhead.

    The mobo is good enough.
  2. For non-parity RAID e.g. (0, 1 & 10) the Intel Z77 is fine and there's no need for a Dedicated RAID Controller for (2) SSD's. Now IF you wanted 4+ SSD's then sure I would be looking at a Dedicated LSI or Adaptec SAS/SATA3 Controller with sufficient PCIe lanes e.g. x4 or x8 depending on the number of SSD's in the array to cover the maximum bandwidth and to offer a 512MB+ cache (with battery backup); 6 or more SSD's x8 PCIe RAID Card, 1GB cache and FastPath SW and Key.
  4. Ok thanks alot guys. im going to go with onboard :)
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